Hi, I'm Charles Brophy and this blog is a repository for my writings on the history and politics of Southeast Asia, from essays to book reviews and notes.

My interests are diverse but are particularly based around:

  • Peripheral capitalist development within Southeast Asia – with a particular focus upon capitalist transformation through processes of passive revolution and the relationship between capitalist states and subaltern groups, particularly through the reproduction of capitalist subsistence economies.
  • History of political thought – particularly socialist thought in Southeast Asia, socialist debates on ethnicity and multi-culturalism in the context of the national question in Malaysia, and broader debates on liberalism and ethnicity in the region.
  • The history of political populism in the region – with a particular focus on the role of elite conflict and the changing dynamics of capitalist political economy.

More broadly I maintain an interest in continental political philosophy around questions of power and the political, as well as an interest in technology and free software.

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